09:00 - 15:30
Ochoa Hall

Diabetes journey: Innovative solutions for individual needs

Jay Skyler, Leigh Perreault
Welcome and introduction
Mark Cooper
Addressing the triple threat: A systemic approach to diabetes and the cardio-renal axis

Selecting insulin options to meet patients’ needs

Leigh Perreault
Session introduction
Pratik Choudhary
Updates and advantages of second-generation basal insulin analogs
Alice Cheng
Renal function and glucose control with basal insulins
Kamlesh Khunti
Real-life relevance of second-generation basal insulin analogs in high-risk patients
Audience Q&A

Beyond HbA1c: Individualizing treatment along the cardio-renal axis

Jay Skyler
Session introduction
Jeremy Pettus
Driving innovation in T1D with dual SGLT-1 and -2 inhibition
Thomas Danne
Advances in therapy: Effects on cardio-renal function with dual SGLT-1 and -2 inhibition
Audience Q&A

Personalizing outcomes: Optimizing treatment options across the patient spectrum

Jay Skyler
Session introduction
Leigh Perreault
Personalizing injectable treatments in T2D
Julio Rosenstock
Emerging strategies to advance GLP-1 receptor agonist therapies in T2D
Jose-Luis Zamorano
Dyslipidemia and diabetes: Personalizing treatment to address CV risk
Helen Colhoun
Targeting the right patient: Improving outcomes with PCSK9 inhibitors
Audience Q&A

Looking at the big picture: Digital advances in patient care

Leigh Perreault
Session introduction
Digital advances in diabetes management: Where can technology take us?
Diabetes. Your Type.
Jay Skyler, Leigh Perreault
Close and wrap-up
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