Teaming up to tackle cardiorenal risk in diabetes
Role of SGLT2i:
How to overcome clinical inertia

17:40 – 17:45

The case challenge
Teaming up to tackle cardiorenal risk in diabetes

Melanie Davies (UK)

17:45 – 17:55

Defining treatment goals: SGLT2i, implications from clinical trials and guidelines

Nikolaus Marx (GER)

17:55 – 18:05

Practical Challenges: SGLT2i in the spectrum of diabetes, CVD & CKD: Who and how to manage?

Melanie Davies (UK)

18:05 – 18:10

How to overcome clinical inertia?

Nikolaus Marx (GER)
Melanie Davies (UK)


Educational objectives

  • To summarise the epidemiology and pathophysiology of patients with diabetes, CVD and CKD
  • To discuss the role of SGLT2 inhibitors, in a risk-based intervention strategy that targets glucose control and cardiorenal risk
  • To address the remaining questions on the role of SGLT2 inhibition in the management of patients with diabetes and cardiorenal complications
  • To provide an expert perspective on the clinical management of patients with type 2 diabetes, CKD and CV