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John Buse

United States

Chair: Jiten Vora (UK)
Co-Chair: Nayyar Iqbal (AstraZeneca)

14:30  – 14:35


Elisabeth Björk (AstraZeneca)
Jiten Vora (UK)
Nayyar Iqbal (AstraZeneca)

14:35  – 14:50

Role of water conservation and metabolism in SGLT2 inhibitor mediated organ protection

Jens Marc Titze

14:50  – 15:10

Cracking the code in CKD: Mechanisms of renoprotection

Hiddo Heerspink

15:10  – 15:30

SGLT2 inhibitors in HF: Piecing together the puzzle of preserved ejection fraction

Sanjiv Shah (USA)

15:30  – 15:40

Panel discussion

All faculty

15:40  – 15:55

State of art lecture:  NASH, disease burden and new opportunities – Emerging new modalities to manage NASH

Arun Sanyal (USA)

15:55  – 16:00

Closing remarks

Regina Fritsche-Danielson (AstraZeneca)
Jiten Vora (UK)

John Buse

United States