Virchow Hall

Tomorrow’s management of diabetes, today

Morning Session

Jiten Vora (UK/AstraZeneca)
Jiten Vora (UK/AstraZeneca), Jochen Seufert (Germany)
Moving on from the past
Roopa Mehta (Mexico)
Glucose and risk factor management: are we at the limit?
Filip Knop (Denmark), Juris Meier (Germany), Jiten Vora (UK/AstraZeneca), (audience moderator)
GLP-1 RA beyond insulin?
Filip Knop (Denmark), Roopa Mehta (Mexico), Juris Meier (Germany), David Russell-Jones (UK)
Which drug for which patient?
Jochen Seufert (Germany), Martin Cowie (UK)
Diabetes – cardiovascular disease in the presence of hyperglycemia?

Afternoon Session

Francesco Giorgino (Italy), John Buse (USA)
From risk awareness to risk management
Hiddo Lambers Heerspink (The Netherlands), Mark Cooper (Australia)
The potential for microvascular protection in Type 2 diabetes: mechanisms and clinical implications
Martin Cowie (UK), Francesco Giorgino (Italy), John Buse (USA), Hiddo Lambers Heerspink (The Netherlands), Mark Cooper (Australia)
Panel discussion and Q&A
Martin Cowie (UK), Hiddo Lambers Heerspink (The Netherlands), Roopa Mehta (Mexico), Jochen Seufert (Germany)
SGLT2 inhibitors, potential benefit but why?
David Russell-Jones (UK)
Risk vs return
Christina Rondinone (MedImmune)
Shaping the future: new agents for glucose control
John Buse (USA)
Keynote: Modern management of Type 2 Diabetes – glucose lowering is not enough
Jiten Vora (UK/AstraZeneca), Jochen Seufert (Germany)
Summary and close
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