Tiburtius Hall

New Insights for Clinician Choices in the Treatment of Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Evening Session

Michael Nauck (Germany), Oliver Schnell (Germany)
Welcome and Opening Remarks
Ronan Roussel (France)
New Insights for Clinical Questions: The COMPOSIT Trials
Q & A
Ronald Goldenberg (Canada)
Making Choices: DPP-4 Inhibitors, SGLT2 Inhibitors or Both. When and Why in Taking the Next Steps after Metformin
Q & A
Richard Pratley (USA)
Ertugliflozin – A Newly Emerging SGLT2 Inhibitor for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
Q & A
Michael Nauck (Germany), Oliver Schnell (Germany), Faculty
Clinical Considerations: A Patient Case for Discussion
Michael Nauck (Germany), Oliver Schnell (Germany)
Final Comments and Summary
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