15:00 - 17:30
Averroes Hall

Science to Patients: Cardio-Renal-Metabolic Continuum

Afternoon Session

Elisabeth Björk (Sweden), Jiten Vora (UK)
John Buse (USA)
Novel anti-diabetes therapies and unmet medical needs
Gary Lopaschuk (Canada)
Metabolic effects of SGLT2i beyond glucosuria
Subodh Verma (Canada)
Protective cardiovascular effects of SGLT2 inhibitors – how?
Volker Vallon (USA)
Broad renal beneficial effects of SGLT2 inhibitors
Jiten Vora (UK), Elisabeth Björk (Sweden), John Buse (USA), Gary Lopaschuk (Canada), Volker Vallon (USA), Regina Fritsche-Danielson (Sweden)
Panel discussion
Jiten Vora (UK), Regina Fritsche-Danielson (Sweden)
Closing remarks
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