14:30 - 17:00
Carrasco Hall

Translating clinical evidence for sensor-based Glucose Monitoring and technological innovations to the front lines of diabetes practice

Afternoon Session

Fernando Gomez-Peralta (Spain)
The current landscape of sensor-based Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM): The rationale and role for technology-based approaches to optimize the efficacy-safety equation for managing Diabetes
Emma G. Wilmot (UK)
Sensor technology-centric devices and innovations for Continuous Glucose Monitoring: Real world studies and applications in Type1 and Type2 Diabetes
Thomas Danne (Germany)
Translating landmark clinical trials in sensor-based CGM technology to the front lines of T1 and T2 diabetes care: Focus on sensor accuracy, device use, and interpretation of data to optimize treatment decisions
William H. Polonsky (USA)
Identifying T1 and T2 diabetic patients who are appropriate candidates for sensor-based CGM technology: All CGM devices are not created equal
Fernando Gomez-Peralta (Spain)
Real world, interactive case management sessions utilizing audience response system: Case studies focused on Identifying Persons with T1 and T2 Diabetes: Who can benefit from patient-directed, sensor-based CGM
Fernando Gomez-Peralta (Spain)
The foundational role of collaborative-physician and patient-assessment of diabetic treatment goals using sensor-based CGM
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