12.00 - 14.00

Bridging the gap between knowledge and action with SGLT2 inhibitors

Lunch Session

Kamlesh Khunti
Welcome and introductions
Patient case
Minding the gap in patient care: Do we act on what we know? (Learnings from a patient)
Paola Fioretto, Silvio Inzucchi and Mark Petrie
Evidence with SGLT2 inhibitors in the cardiorenal-metabolic setting
Kamlesh Khunti
SGLT2 inhibitors in clinical practice
Simon Moore
Why don’t we act on what we know?
All faculty
Can SGLT2 inhibitors bridge the gap in patient care? (Panel discussion and Q&A)
Kamlesh Khunti and Silvio Inzucchi
Time to close the meeting…and the gap
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