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09.00 - 16.15

Beyond the old paradigms: Towards precise solutions in diabetes management

Beyond complexity: Integrating care to simplify management

Opening video – The integrated future of care: Technologies as enablers for improving patient care and experience
Keynote address: Remodeling diabetes care in the age of public health crises
Focus: Making integrated care a reality
Many hands make light work: The integrated care team
Living with diabetes: Communication and clinical care in the age of telemedicine

Beyond generalization: Making insulin management relevant to individuals

T1D unmet needs: Therapeutic strategies for addressing suboptimal glycemic control
Generational change: Basal insulin use in children and adolescents with T1D
Confident self-management: Helping individuals take control
Achieving control with insulin in special populations

Beyond the status quo: Solutions for people with uncontrolled T2D

The road well-travelled: Dysglycemia in T2D and the challenges in getting to goal
Another path: The rationale for fixed-ratio combination therapies
Along the way: Clinical outcomes with fixed-ratio combinations in people with T2D
Living with diabetes: Managing the patient experience with fixed-ratio combinations

Beyond medicine: Disruptive technologies and metrics

Changing management paradigms: Understanding modern metrics
Living with diabetes: Understanding the data to help change behavior
Improving outcomes: What time-in-range means for patients
Disrupting the status quo: Towards greater integration with new technologies
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