Rapoport Hall

From science to reality: Understanding the silent side of severe hypoglycemia

Morning Session

Frank Snoek (The Netherlands)
Welcome and introduction
Brian Frier (United Kindgdom)
The clinical problem of severe hypoglycaemia
Thomas Danne (Germany)
Clinical case: Adolescents to the rescue for severe hypoglycaemia
Pratik Choudhary (US)
Clinical case: Severe hypoglycaemia and emergency medical services
Crystal Bowersox (US)
Challenges of living with severe hypoglycaemia: A perspective from a person with diabetes
Pratik Choudhary (Uk), Chris Cebollero (US), Thomas Danne (Germany), Brian Frier (UK), Crystal Bowersox (US), Frank Snoek (The Netherlands)
Panel discussion
Frank Snoek (The Netherlands)
Let’s talk about severe hypoglycaemia
Frank Snoek (The Netherlands)
Questions and answers, closing remarks
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