09:00 - 16:00
Langerhans Hall

Glycaemic control and beyond: shifting the paradigm in diabetes care

Rury Holman (UK)
Diabetes in Europe (history and current status)
Tim Heise (Germany)
Does glycaemic variability really matter?
Bernard Zinman (Canada), Simon Heller (UK)
Hypoglycaemia: who cares?
Rury Holman (UK), Tim Heise (Germany), Bernard Zinman (Canada), Simon Heller (UK)
Clinical perspectives
Ildiko Lingvay (USA)
Basal insulins: translating clinical trial results to clinical practice
Liana Billings (USA)
Combining proteins for intensified insulin treatment in type 2 diabetes
John Buse (USA), Mark Evans (UK)
The potential of the latest mealtime insulins
Rury Holman (UK)
Chair close

Rury Holman (UK)
Welcome back
Vanita Aroda (USA)
Comparative effectiveness of long-acting GLP-1 receptor agonists
Richard Pratley (USA)
Once-weekly semaglutide vs once-weekly dulaglutide
Melanie Davies (UK)
GLP-1 receptor agonists: assessing patient responses
Rury Holman (UK), Vanita Aroda (USA), Richard Pratley (USA), Melanie Davies (UK)
Clinicians' perspectives
Jorge Plutzky (USA)
Cardiovascular mode of action of GLP-1 receptor agonists
Lars Rydén (Sweden)
Improving CV risk management in T2D with glucose-lowering agents - a new cornerstone of care
Rury Holman (UK), Jorge Plutzky (USA), Lars Rydén (Sweden)
The cardiologist view
Rury Holman (UK)
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