The time is now: implementing a multidisciplinary approach to NAFLD/NASH management

Novo Nordisk A/S and Echosens |

Chairs: Lise Lotte Gluud (DNK)

16:45 – 16:47IntroductionLise Lotte Gluud (DNK)
16:47 – 16:52Screening for NAFLD/NASH: the who, when and why nowLise Lotte Gluud (DNK)
16:52 – 17:07Integrating NAFLD/NASH management into multidisciplinary careLise Lotte Gluud (DNK)
17:07 – 17:14Q & ALise Lotte Gluud (DNK)
17:14 – 17:15Summary and closureLise Lotte Gluud (DNK)