Expanding the use of technology for treatment of diabetes: A deep dive into the older population

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Chair: Johan Jendle (SWE),  Robert Vigersky (USA)

18:00 – 18:10Current state of diabetes in the older peopleJohan Jendle (SWE)
18:10 – 18:25The association between hyperglycemia and cognitive, physical & functional capacity amongst older people with diabetesTali Cukierman-Yaffe (ISR)
18:25 – 18:40Hypoglycemia in older people with diabetesSimon Heller (UK)
18:40 – 18:55Hybrid closed-loop therapy in older people with type 1 diabetes: Results from the ORACL studyDavid O’Neal (AUS)
18:55 – 19:10The MiniMed 780G system: real-world evidence in users aged 55 and aboveOhad Cohen (ISR)
19:10 – 19:30Summary and Q&ARobert Vigersky (USA)