Providing State of the Art Care for People With Obesity: Can We Break Free From the Status Quo?

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Chair: Paolo Sbraccia (ITA)

07:45 – 07:48Welcome and IntroductionPaolo Sbraccia (ITA)
07:48 – 08:03Reframing Obesity as a Chronic DiseaseCarel le Roux (IRL)
08:03 – 08:18Painting a Clear Picture of Obesity Through Effective Screening, Evaluation, and DiagnosisNaveed Sattar (UK)
08:18 – 08:33Expert Perspectives on the Practicalities of Obesity Care in Clinical PracticePaolo Sbraccia (ITA)
08:33 – 08:45“Ask the Faculty” and Take-Home Messages All faculty

This activity is supported by an educational grant from Lilly.