Classroom to Clinic™: Updates and best practice for GLP-1 RAs in type 2 diabetes

Diabetes Knowledge into Practice |

Chair: John Buse (USA)

18:30 – 18:35Welcome, pre-symposium test & chair’s opening remarksJohn Buse (USA)
18:35 – 18:45True or False quiz: GLP-1 RA general knowledge​Tina Vilsbøll (DNK)
John Wilding (UK)
18:45 – 19:00Multifactorial effects of GLP-1 RAs: A review of the latest evidenceJohn Wilding (UK)
19:00 – 19:05Q&AAll faculty
19:05 – 19:15Guideline approaches to T2D: how much has changed?Tina Vilsbøll (DNK)
19:15 – 19:20Q&AAll faculty
19:20 – 19:40Case studies: GLP-1 RAs in practiceTina Vilsbøll (DNK)
John Wilding (UK)
19:40 – 19:50Q&AAll faculty
19:50 – 19:55Using Classroom to Clinic™John Buse (USA)
19:55 – 20:00Chair’s close, post-test and commitment to changeJohn Buse (USA)