Critical Advances in Flash-Based CGM: A Foundational Approach to Optimizing Health Metrics and Costs Across the Entire Spectrum of Diabetes Care

14:30 – 14:40

Program Chair Welcome and Introduction
Mainstreaming CGM Across the Spectrum of Diabetes Care: What Groups Will Benefit?
Type 2 Diabetes? Newly Diagnosed Patients? A Roadmap to Clinical Success and Patient Satisfaction
What Parameters Do We Follow with Ambulatory Glucose Profiling (AGP): Applications of CGM to Both Lifestyle and Pharmacologic Interventions—An Overview

Tadej Battelino (SVN)

14:40 – 14:55

Real World and Prospective Trials Supporting CGM as a Foundational Approach to Management of Diabetes:
How Does Flash-Based CGM Optimize Time in Range, Reduction in Hypoglycemia, and Improve Personalized, A1c Target Goal Attainment?
Real World Data for Optimizing Multiple, Glycemic/Metabolic Control and Patient Safety Metrics in the Covid-19 Era and Beyond

Ramzi Ajjan (UK)

14:55 – 15:10

Pharmacoeconomic Benefits of Deploying Flash-Based CGM Across the Diabetes Population: Reducing Hospitalizations, Cost Neutrality, and Comparative Costs Among CGM Device Platforms
Comparing Health Economic Data, Hospitalization Rates, and Clinical Outcomes with Flash-Based CGM

Partha Kar (UK)

15:10 – 15:25

Applying Flash-Based CGM to the Front Lines of Diabetes Care in the Real World: Patient Case Management Session
A Case-Based Master Class Using Flash Glucose Monitoring Technology to Improve Glycemic Metrics, Target Goal Attainment, and Therapeutic Safety of Diabetic Treatment Regimens

Tadej Battelino (SVN)
15:25 – 15:30

Program Summary and Vision Statement
The Evolving Foundational Role of Flash-Based Glucose Monitoring Technology in Optimizing Cost Containment and Clinical Outcomes in Persons with Diabetes
A Practical Roadmap for the Application of New Advancements in Flash-Based Glucose Monitoring

Tadej Battelino (SVN)