Bringing energy to obesity: will glucagon-based agonists enlighten patient care?

Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH |

Chair: Melanie Davies (UK)

13:30 – 13:35Welcome and introductionLee Kaplan (USA)
13:35 – 13:50Treating the disease of obesity: will emerging therapies rise to the challenge?Lee Kaplan (USA)
13:50 – 14:05Holistic thinking: exploring the connections between Cardio-Renal-Metabolic diseasesJörn Schattenberg (GER)
14:05 – 14:20The value of multi-agonism: insights on anti-obesity medications for people living with obesitySean Wharton (CAN)
14:20 – 14:30Panel discussion and closeMelanie Davies (UK)