FreeStyle Libre Ecosystem: One Tech Generation Ahead to Improve Your Impact in Diabetes Care

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Chair: Magnus Löndahl (SWE)

18:00 – 18:05IntroductionMagnus Löndahl (SWE)
18:05 – 18:20

Next-Level Standard of Care for Your Practice

The latest clinical evidence of the FreeStyle Libre system

Emma Wilmot (UK)
18:20 – 18:35

Next-Level Innovation for Your Practice

Our breakthrough technology with

  • the world’s smallest & most accurate rtCGM, FreeStyle Libre 3, being designed to communicate with insulin pumps;
  • the world’s most widely used CGM, FreeStyle Libre 2, now with smart pen integration and
  • the novel continuous glucose-ketone monitoring system, the first-of-its-kind with superior sensing technology for globally growing concern of DKA.

W. Scott Harper (USA)
18:35 – 18:50

Next-Level Connectivity for Your Practice

Next-level insights by the integrated smart pen solution with FreeStyle Libre 2

Yvonne Winhofer-Stöckl (AUT)
18:50 – 19:00Q&AAll Faculty